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About The Listen Up Conversation   


The Listen Up Conversation was created and "especially"geared towards the rebellious child, at risk child, or the young person on the verge of making a poor decision(s).  It is my sincere prayer, hope and desire that by sharing my son's story many will be inspired, impacted and even motivated to do better for the purpose of improving their lives.


I'm a wife, mother, and motivational speaker. I am passionate about helping my children be the best they can be. I gave birth to 3 children, and also have 2 adult children who entered my life through my second marriage. 

So what's my deal? My life changed forever when my oldest child was shot in the back of the head when he decided to rob someone. Read the full story in my Blog entitled "A Mother's Perspective."  


I have a deep burden and passion to help young people make wiser decisions. I am committed to sharing my son's story to anyone who will listen to what happened to my son on that dreadful day on April 1, 2017. 

Peace & Blessings,

Tiffany L. Johnson


It takes a village to raise children. It's the responsibility of parents, and caregivers NOT to give up on their children. It's time to empower and speak life. I know it can be exhausting but we have to keep pushing our children to greatness.  

Our Mission


Dunstan L. Msonthi


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