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A Call For Action

Praying for Dunstan's healing and deliverance from the accident that almost cost him his life.
Be Bold!

A Call For Action: It’s time for moms, dads, caregivers, and grandparents to take action. We need to come together to push our children towards greatness and recognize the endless possibilities that lay before them. Parenting can be exhausting. However, as a mom of two other ‘minor’ children (7) and (17), I know that I can’t stop encouraging and pushing them to be all that I know they are called to be.

The Listen Up Conversation was birthed to spark a conversation with young people, educators, and community leaders. Basically, anyone who will listen to Dunstan’s story of life before prison, in prison, and after prison.

Dunstan is currently serving an 18-month sentence for the robbery incident that almost took his life. He’s expected to be transferred from the Clarksburg Correctional Facility to the Pre-Release Center sometime soon. In Pre-Release he will be able to complete his education, work, and come home for visits. Dunstan and I plan to share his story with anyone who is willing to listen. We are sharing Dunstan’s story with the goal to change lives, give hope, and encourage others. Dunstan is a survivor. He is one of the fortunate young men to be given a second chance at life. Through his journey we aim to prevent other young people from making similar mistakes.

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